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Huawei’s component orders for new smartphones will speed up very soon: Industry Sources



After the US government decided to ease trade restrictions on Huawei, the hardware suppliers are preparing again to grab new contracts from the world’s second-largest smartphone maker, that is expected to speed up very soon.

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According to industry sources, Huawei’s IC orders for its new smartphone models to be released in the second half of 2019 are to pick up again soon thanks to an easing of the US trade. reported Digitimes.

Other industry sources told that Taiwan-based backend houses and COF substrate suppliers will see orders from Huawei pick up in July or August.

A well-known analyst has recently predicted that Huawei will ship more than 260 million devices by this year because the company is planning to raise stakes in its supply chain after amendments made in Huawei ban.

In May, the US Commerce Department added Huawei to the “Entity List” or simply called a trade blacklist – an action that bans Huawei from buying components and software from U.S. firms or the U.S. originated technologies supplier.

The firms’ list includes chips suppliers Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Micron, ARM and more that stopped supplying new batch to Huawei after the trade restriction and their share in the market started to sink.

Following this, on June 29, the US President Donald Trump announced that Huawei can resume buying US technologies. This remarks made by Trump brought joy for Huawei suppliers.

According to a recent report, the US will issue additional licenses to firms that want to sell good to Huawei and this of licensing may take place by July or August 2019.

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