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UK says there’s no “technological reason” to exclude Huawei in 5G



The UK has finally cleared its stance on Huawei and announced that there’s no problem in using Huawei made 5G equipment.

Canada to postpone Huawei decision on 5G network development

Norman Lamb, who chairs the Science and Technology Committee, said ministers must take into account “geopolitical or ethical considerations” when deciding whether to allow Huawei’s equipment to be used in its networks, reported TheTelegraph.

“The Government needs to consider whether the use of Huawei’s technology would jeopardize this country’s ongoing co-operation with our major allies,” said Mr. Lamb.

“Moreover, Huawei has been accused of supplying equipment in Western China that could be enabling serious human rights abuses. The evidence we heard during our evidence session did little to assure us that this is not the case.”

The official said there’s no technological reason to exclude Huawei entirely. As network operators expect that it would delay the rollout of 5G across the UK by tow or three years.

Although, some MPs have warned that using Huawei’s technology in Britain’s 5G networks could harm its relationship with allies.

The UK is one of the members of “Five Eyes” alliance, consisting of five members, in which US, Australia, New Zealand has restricted Huawei and Canada delayed its decision until after election mode, Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump is also pressuring the UK to not allow Huawei in 5G development otherwise the intelligence sharing between two countries will be over.

As the previous report reveals that all four major telecoms are working with Huawei to launch their 5G network across the UK.

A spokesman for Huawei said the company was “reassured that the UK, unlike others, is taking an evidence-based approach to network security”.

“Huawei complies with the laws and regulations in all the markets where we operate,” he said.


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