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Huawei released new patent for intelligent robot interactions while driving a car



On September 9, 2020, Huawei has applied for the design patent named Intelligent Robot, which is recently passed in China with publication number CN306450952S. Also, this information is disclosed by Qicha App.

The patent document describes that this design product is placed in the car, and the intelligent robot is used to interact with the driver from opening the door to getting off the car and leaving.

Coming to the design, this innovative design has an anthropomorphic robot shape. It is expected to place above the center of the console and in-built with a camera and sensors, which can rotate to interact with drivers.

Moreover, the bottom surface of the product is included in this design patent application but it can not be seen during use, so the bottom view is omitted. Following the patent, it is expected to be installed in the car or fixed by pasting during the car is manufacturing.

On the other hand, previously, Huawei completely denied the rumors of making electric vehicles. The company’s spokesperson mentioned that Huawei is developing digital car-oriented technology for smart and wants to help automobile companies to build good cars.


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