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Huawei will launch new medical imaging system that converts 2D images to 3D



medical imaging system

Huawei has confirmed that it’ll launch a new smart medical imaging system called – YanPianbao on December 3 at 15:30 in China. This is an advanced imaging system that automatically converts two-dimensional black and white images into three-dimensional models.

Also, this Huawei medical imaging system can also simulate scalpel operations to bring great convenience to preoperative planning. Simultaneously, its remote consultation feature allows doctors thousands of miles away to interact and perform rounds in real-time.

According to the information, this imaging system has been jointly built by Huawei and Weizhou Zhiyuan and it has been already introduced in a hospital.

Huawei medical imaging system

Got a license to manufacture Medical Equipment:

On 8th October, Huawei has obtained medical equipment manufacturing license and get an official from Guangdong Medical Device Registrant System. Now, the company is ready to bring more technologies to the medical industry.

According to the information, under the administration of Goertek Co., Ltd. and Weifang Jingwei High-Tech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Huawei has got permission for its new ECG smartwatch whose registration number is Guangdong Machinery Zhuzhun 20202071705.

Huawei’s Preparation for Future Medical Technology:

Using the leading intelligent layer approach, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies, the company wants to bring devices that are able to carry out real-time medical diagnoses. Besides, the above-mention ECG smartwatch, three more Huawei medical devices are listed to get the official approval. It includes-

  • ECG blood pressure recorder (MLY-B10, MLY-B11)
  • ECG analysis system (ECG-1)
  • Arrhythmia analysis system (PPG-1)

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