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Huawei will deliver cybersecurity solutions for UAE



Huawei cybersecurity solutions UAE

Huawei has signed a new agreement with the CPX holders of Abu-Dhabi and promised to deliver cybersecurity solutions in the UAE. Besides, the Chinese tech giant will also help the region by providing digital and security-related services.

CPX holders are the first digital and cybersecurity solution providers in UAE. The cooperation works with advanced and unique technical solutions to build healthy and secure digital industries in the region. And to elevate these cybersecurity solutions, the UAE cooperation is shaking its hands with the tech giant – Huawei.

According to the latest information, the CEO of both cooperations have signed the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding). Further, they have also discussed working jointly on the sustainable development of the UAE’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

The CEO of CPX mentions that they are trying to make the UAE a hub for digital innovation. Ultimately, these efforts will bring the organization one step closer to the digital economy. Further, their collaboration with Huawei mainly aims to support the government and private sectors to maintain their competitiveness in the country.

Huawei CEO – Efforts towards security are important!

In reply to the CPX holders, the CEO of Huawei UAE – Jerry Liu mentioned his gratitude. He states that this association between both companies will lead to a better way in the future. Moreover, the upcoming security solutions related to this agreement will open new doors to digitalization.

The personality mentions how this initiative will be a huge step. Alternatively, security is the main priority for every sector. Hence, it’s important to make constant efforts in this aspect.

Furthermore, he delivered a short speech on why this partnership will be so valuable in the time ahead:

“Huawei believes cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and collaboration between ICT industry stakeholders to build unified and transparent security standards is key to safer cyberspace. Therefore, we value partnerships like this with CPX, which support the government’s efforts to position the UAE as a trusted digital oasis.”

Huawei cybersecurity solutions UAE


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