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Huawei bags second spot in China tablet online market sales: Report



Huawei China tablet market sales

Huawei products ultimately stand out in the market as game-changer devices. Whether it’s a smartphone or a system, the company is capable of easily dragging everyone’s attention. Consequently, this attention has made Huawei secure the second rank in the China tablet market sales.

Recently, the RUNTO research cooperation has released the China Smart Tablet Online Retail Market Sales report. The report comprises several tech makers that have firmed their tablet business in the Chinese ground.

For instance, Apple, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Honor, and more. Among these manufacturers, Huawei achieved the second position in the China smart tablet market sales. Meanwhile, the first position is in the share of Apple at this moment.

On the flip side, Lenovo attained the third position in this smart tablet race. Whereas, Xiaomi and Honor managed to cover fourth and fifth place for themselves, respectively.

RUNTO organization states that the respective report is the result of an eight-month analysis. Currently, the China tablet online retail market has crossed more than 7.19 million units. Despite several harmful factors in China, the smart tablet market has made space to elevate its growth in the region.

Huawei China tablet market sales

Undoubtedly, big credit for this growth goes to Huawei and Apple. Together, these manufacturers have occupied half of the tablet market share in China at 51.7 percent. Even in the phase of difficulties, both cooperations managed to hold their position stably.

Apart from Huawei and Apple, brands such as Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and others have also made a quick slide in the smart tablet market this year. Taking the benefits of the supply chain, these new tech holders also pushed their products in the tablet market.

Huawei Tablets reaching a new height!

If we talk about Huawei, then the Chinese manufacturer comes under the top 10 brands in China in learning and retaining the online market. With efficient research and development, the tablet market share of the company has reached new heights.

Alongside, Huawei’s e-paper tablet sale is equally contributing to the market growth. Seeing the major evolution from the Chinese manufacturer and other tech giants, the RUNTO cooperation predicts that retail sales of China’s tablet online market can easily cross 12 million units by the end of this year.

Huawei China tablet market sales


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