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Huawei will become the biggest smartphone maker worldwide despite growing problems, but not in 2019



In the first quarter, Huawei achieved number two spot in global smartphone makers list and aimed to dethrone Samsung from the top spot by the end of 2019 but the company has now decided to push this plan by next year.

Huawei isn’t in danger but in its best shape ever

During a technology event in Shanghai, a senior executive said that Huawei will need more time to become the world’s largest smartphone marker a goal it originally aimed to achieve in the fourth quarter of this year, reported Reuters.

“We would have become the largest in the fourth quarter (of this year) but now we feel that this process may take longer,” said Shao Yang, chief strategy officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group, without elaborating on reasons.

Huawei currently sells 500,000 to 600,000 smartphones a day, he said in a speech at the CES Asia technology show in Shanghai.

Industry analysts expect that Huawei is preparing to embrace for smartphones sales decline in the upcoming quarter due to the US ban. The previous forecast revealed that the company would sell 258 million smartphones in 2019, now expects that the company will ship just 200 million.

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