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Huawei isn’t in danger but in its best shape ever



If you think Huawei is facing problems you probably thinking wrong. The company is doing great, it will become the biggest smartphone maker worldwide despite growing problems, a senior executive of Huawei said at an event on Tuesday.

Shao Yang, Huawei’s chief strategy officer of its consumer business group, said at CES Asia 2019 on Tuesday, Huawei would have become the largest smartphone company in the Q4 2019, but now it may take longer to accomplish this goal. The company is expected to overtake Samsung by 2020. It is currently the second-largest smartphone vendor worldwide.

How is the company growing?

Huawei is continuously getting investment, particularly major breakthroughs achieved by its HiSilicon, Shao noted.

Huawei is reportedly developing its own os, Hongmeng OS, which is expected to be launched in August or September.

What do you think – Huawei will be able to sell its smartphones without Google apps?

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