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Huawei Watch Ultimate update brings diving modes, apnea training, and settings features



Huawei Watch Ultimate

Huawei Watch Ultimate smartwatch is receiving a software update that brings a variety of new features. These include diving modes, apnea training, an exploration mode, and new changes to the settings menu to ease your convenience.

Last month, Huawei launched the premium Watch Ultimate for consumers and it’s now on sale for global customers. The company is releasing this software to improve the smartwatch and bring a better user experience.

The Watch Ultimate is ISO 22810, 10 ATM water resistance standard certified. It has EN 13319 standard certification for internationally recognized diving accessories.

These ratings are obtained with 16-structured layers that prevent water to intercept the watch’s internal hardware and provide a micron-level waterproof filter.

As for the update, Huawei is adding this new software with firmware version and it comes with a hefty package size of 568 megabytes for the Watch Ultimate.

You should know this upgrade installs exploration mode, which enables you to mark place mark places automatically and manually mark places of interest. The exploration mode also supports two return route features in addition to many other open-area features. You can also create custom images and dynamic videos from your discovery.

New Diving modes:

Huawei Watch Ultimate is promoted with a new range of diving modes including scuba diving and technical scuba diving as well as gauge modes.

However, now these diving features for Huawei Watch Ultimate are rolling out with the latest software update. The changelog shows to install support for technical diving and scuba diving modes. After installation, you can also check gas mixtures and multiple cylinders’ status. This update also has different categories of reminders and alerts that can help you to stay safe underwater.

Furthermore, underwater people can also take benefit from the new apnea training and apnea test diving tools. You can customize apnea training courses to monitor your SpO2 and heart rate in real-time.

Furthermore, the update will add call notifications for apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, and Instagram. Last but not least, Huawei Watch Ultimate is also installing a brand new connect new phone option to the Bluetooth menu in the settings, so you can connect a new device when it’s required.


These features and additions will enhance the user experience of Huawei Watch Ultimate and we suggest all of the owners grab this firmware as soon as it arrives.

Huawei Watch Ultimate

(source – Huaweiailesi)

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