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Huawei Watch Ultimate unveiled, the world’s first satellite smartwatch



Huawei Watch Ultimate

Huawei unveiled the world’s first satellite network-powered smartwatch, Huawei Watch Ultimate. This smartwatch is ultimate from all angles including design, battery, and power. It delivers peak performance on all sides altogether.

This smartwatch is here to show a mirror of innovation for the likes of Apple and Samsung and prove that Huawei is a leader in smartwatch technologies.

Not just satellite connectivity, the Huawei Watch Ultimate is a creation for those who want more than just a smartwatch and enforces an ultimate user experience on your wrist.

First satellite smartwatch:

Huawei Watch Ultimate is an extraordinary masterpiece and the world’s first public smartwatch that supports two-way Beidou satellite SMS. It has a dedicated button on the top left corner for this feature, tap and holds it for 3 seconds to create a satellite message.

Huawei Watch Ultimate

Huawei Watch Ultimate uses a miniaturized radio frequency module, a built-in suspension antenna design, and a nano-molding integrated technology case to achieve the basis for signal transmission in a small space.

Through the ceramic metallization process, the bezel and the metal middle frame are coupled to form a suspended antenna. This makes the signal stronger, and the transmission faster and more stable.

Ultimate Dive:

This ultimate smartwatch is an extraordinary smartwatch with an IP68 rating. It is equipped with 16 waterproof structures, supports 100-meter diving-grade waterproofing, and can protect audio devices such as microphones.

Huawei Watch Ultimate 100 meter dive

Huawei Watch Ultimate unveiled comprehensive physical sign monitoring. This includes TruSeen 5.0 + heart rate monitoring, TruSleep 3.0 scientific sleep, real-time ECG analysis, vascular health research, and blood oxygen monitoring.

Fitness and health features

Ultimate Strong:

Ths is the world’s first smartwatch made of ultra-strong amorphous zirconium alloy. The smartwatch is equipped with a 1.5-inch LTPO OLED flexible screen with a sapphire mirror.

sapphire mirror

The new Huawei watch gets you a unique three-button design for the first time. These are the rotating crown, feature buttons, and auxiliary buttons. The buttons are made of aerospace-grade titanium alloy TC4, which has high-pressure resistance and high corrosion resistance.


Huawei Watch Ultimate case is made of amorphous zirconium alloy. The watch is ultra powerful with dual characteristics of metal and glass, high strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. Compared with 316L stainless steel, the hardness of the former is 2.5 times higher and the strength is 4.5 times higher.


Huawei Watch Ultimate is priced at 5999 yuan (878 USD) for the mountain version and 6999 (1025 USD) yuan for the vertical and horizontal ocean versions.

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