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Huawei wants to enable 10 Gbit/s 5.5G for 100 billion connection



huawei Turning 5.5G into Reality

During the 20th Huawei Global Analyst Summit, Huawei shared a roadmap to turn 5.5G into reality and adapt new technologies to achieve 10 Gbit/s for over 100 billion connections.

Huawei is leading in network technologies and the company is pushing forward to 5.5G solutions with utmost speed. The Chinese tech maker is showing no resistance in order to spread 5.5G awareness among customers and business partners.

During the Global Analyst Summit, Gan Bin, Huawei’s Vice President of Wireless Solutions gave a description of the entire 5.5G technology under the theme of “Bringing 5.5G into Reality”.

Mr. Gan acknowledged the current challenges in the industry and presented the solution to leverage the opportunity in this next-generation 5G network. The tech maker also shared the capabilities of 10 Gbit/s internet access.

These include a 10 Gbit/s network for business, ultra-high bandwidth spectrum and chipsets, commercial RedCap applications, Passive IoT, communication, and Sensing (HCS).

5.5G 10 Gbit/s capabilities:

This network in business will upgrade people and home connections with mobile service that will be easy to access and interactive.

Huawei says spectrum and chipsets are ready to adapt to the new 5.5G network strength. So far, the sub-6GHz spectrum is starting to be reformed to achieve ultra-large bandwidth.

According to Huawei, the expansion of 10 Gbit/s requires two key part, which includes a 5.5G spectrum and a chipset. Mr. Gan said that 10 Gbit/s will be crucial to moving towards a 5.5G user experience and improving network deployment. He mentioned that Ultra-large bandwidth spectrum and ELAA-MM bands will play a crucial role in network deployment.

100 billion connections

Huawei revealed that 100 billion connections will soon become reality and the transition from IoT 1.0 to IoT 2.0 will require an upgrade from high-speed to high-value 5G NR connection. This will become a key factor in delivering 100 billion connections in all scenarios.

“5.5G is just around the corner and will bring new breakthroughs and development to mobile networks. The 10 Gbit/s industry is now a reality. It will soon bring us 100 billion connections and endless possibilities for the future of smart living and the digital economy. Huawei is committed to working with the entire industry to promote the convergence of the 5.5G industry chain and business scenarios and facilitate the transformation towards a digital and intelligent society.” concluded Mr. Gan.


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