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Car stopped, Huawei P60 Pro rescued man in emergency situation



Huawei P60 series first sale

Huawei P60 Pro is the first flagship with dual-way satellite communication capability, that’s how the phone recently rescued a person after his car suddenly stopped due to some issues.

According to the information, a user posted on WeChat that he was stuck in a difficult situation when his car suddenly stopped in the western Sichuan area of China. The area is surrounded by high-altitude mountains, which results in weak network signal strength. However, he used the Huawei P60 Pro to send satellite SMS, thereafter, the phone helped him to get rescued.

The person said that Huawei P60 Pro helped him a lot in that critical moment and it was really a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Huawei Smart Device Business Group CTO, Burce Lee also reacted to this scenario.

“I am very glad that his classmate is safe and sound, and I am also very pleased that our product functions can help him. Currently, our Mate 50 series, Mate Xs 2, Mate X3 and P60 series, Nova 11 Ultra, and Watch Ultimate watch all support the Beidou satellite message function, everyone must remember to activate it, and be prepared”

The entirety of the matter is quite important and shows the strength and reliability of Huawei’s satellite communication technology.

Huawei P60 Pro rescued

Satellite Messenging

Introduced first with the Huawei Mate 50 series, satellite communication is a brand-new technology. It is designed and developed by the Chinese tech maker.

With the first generation, the company enabled sending one-way message conversations. This means a user can send an SMS to the receiver but the receiver can’t send back the reply.

This year, Huawei unveiled the second-gen satellite SMS capability. It helps the phone user not only send but also receive a satellite-based reply in an instant. This type of technology doesn’t require a mobile network and connects the phone directly via a satellite orbiting Earth.

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