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Huawei unveils Smart Door Lock Plus with AI 3D face recognition 2.0, pre-sale begins



Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus pre-sale

It’s April 09 – another day of the Huawei 5-day launch event where the tech giant is unveiling new products gradually. After the big Smart TV S5 series, it’s time to learn about the all-new Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus product and its pre-sale details.

The intelligent product has an initial price of 3299 yuan. However, the Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus pre-sale avails the device with a discount of 400 yuan.

Huawei is also offering a new product coupon for absolutely free to the first 100 customers reserving the Smart Door Lock Plus in the pre-sale. Zero-percent interest installment is another benefit where you can pay a small amount per month using UnionPay, Palm Life, ICBC, and Huabei bank accounts.

  • ¬†Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus (2899 Yuan): Pre-Sale

The new smart product is available on pre-sale from April 09 to April 18. Huawei will then initiate the official sale process. You can either head towards the Vmall or the link mentioned above to book the respective product in advance.

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus pre-sale

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus pre-sale (Image Credits: Huawei Mall)

Features and Specifications:

  • AI 3D Face Recognition 2.0
  • Automatic noise reduction lock body 2.0
  • Financial grade security guard
  • Door Lock voice memo
  • Dual battery solution

Huawei has integrated a self-developed AI chip with 3x the computing power (one trillion operations per second) for faster face recognition. It can scan your face and open the app within seconds, an instant unlocking takes only 1.65 seconds.

AI dynamic learning algorithms are another useful which enriches the AI 3D face recognition capability and introduces an ultra-fast and ultra-safe experience with unlocking scenarios. It dynamically captures faces every time the door gets opened and constantly learns about changes in faces and environments.

It also supports automatic noise reduction lock body 2.0 to reduce the sound at the lowest while opening and closing the door, avoiding disturbance.

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus pre-sale

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus AI chips (Image Credits: Huawei)

3D Camera Sensor

The 3D depth camera at the top ensures more accurate recognition even at nighttime or under strong sunlight. Moreover, the lens supports ultra-wide viewing angle recognition so that, small kids don’t have to raise their heads or elders need to bend.

Smart Door Lock Plus also incorporates an AI 3D deep-sensing detection algorithm to prevent malicious unlocking via photos, videos, or any other tricky method. One can opt for any kind of unlocking method like a temporary password, key unlock, phone/watch usage, AI 3D face recognition, and more.

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus pre-sale

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus unlocking (Image Credits: Huawei)

The device runs on HarmonyOS 4.0 and consists of features like a visual peephole that supports visual intercom and viewing, smart screen picture-in-picture, and other functionalities via your Huawei smartphone. You can also learn about the real-time status at your doorsteps.

Voice Memos, on the other hand, enables you to record a message as a welcome statement. Speaking of the battery, the device has a dual-cell worth 8800mAh and provides a battery life worth 4-6 months when based on a lithium battery and 8-10 months under dual battery mode.

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus AI chips (Image Credits: Huawei)

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus poster (Image Credits: Huawei)

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