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Many new Huawei MatePad tablets passed 3C certification with 22.5W charging



Huawei tablets 3C 22.5W charging

Huawei has recently listed a big bunch of new MatePad tablets on the 3C database, which brings 22.5W fast-charging brick. The certification also reveals a few internal parameters as well as what kind of processors these large-screen devices will use.

3C (China Compulsory Certification) database checks out products before allowing them for import as well as export operations in the Chinese device market.

The information reveals that at least four new Huawei MatePad tablets have received the 3C certificate, confirming the 22.5W fast charging facility. You can check the model numbers below:

  • TGR-W00
  • TGR-W10
  • DMG-Woo
  • BBG7-W00
Huawei tablets 3C 22.5W charging

Huawei tablets get 3C certificate (Image Credits: ITHome)

Further details from the Bluetooth certification reveal that the MatePad ‘TGR’ model has several derivatives like TGR-W00, TGR-W10, TGR-W19, TGR-AL00, TGR-L09, TGRZ-W00, TGRZ-W10. These models have also appeared on the 3C database.

Huawei tablets get 3C certificate (Image Credits: ITHome)

The information also points out that some of these devices run on a new HiSilicon Hi1105C20 Bluetooth chip and could install Kirin chips with improved performance.

Huawei tablets get 3C certificate (Image Credits: ITHome)

Weibo tipster informed earlier that Huawei has certified a new TGR-L10 4G tablet. Besides, there is a new MatePad series which includes Nearlink services, relevant accessories, and more. He also mentioned that many new Kirin tablets are on the way.

Huawei tablets 3C 22.5W charging

Huawei MatePad tablet leak (Image Credits: Weibo)

Thus it seems that the company is gearing up the development of new Huawei MatePad tablets and can launch it any time from now. One can even expect to see these tablets alongside the Watch Fit 3 wearable which has been in rumors for a long time.

At the same time, the Kirin chipset appears in the spotlight. Huawei not only aims to implement its self-developed processors in smartphones or tablets but also in the PC (Kirin PC). But to find out details on this subject, we need to wait till the end of this year.

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