Huawei testing new Huawei Assistant features and customization options

Huawei Assistant

To improve Huawei Assistant’s user experience, Huawei is making continuous changes in its features and according to our information, more customization options are coming soon to this smart assistant.

Huawei Assistant or Huawei Assistant Today is a personal assistant to your Huawei device. It provides you insights, a news feed, and more in one place.

Huawei has begun testing new features for the Huawei Assistant, as this app will bring an option for users to customize the header. This new feature also replaces the old Today text area with important information such as:

  1. Steps
  2. Calories
  3. Screen time
  4. Weather
  5. Exercise distance

Huawei Assistant (Old – left, New – Right)

Currently, the user can only add three items in the header and can also change their arrangements. Meanwhile, users can also customize the header greeting text from default to custom.

Currently, these new features are under testing and may soon be available for regular users through an app update. Also, Huawei may add some extra tweaks until the final app rollout.

We’ll keep you posted.






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