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Huawei talks about chipset and supply chain at Semiconductor Conference 2023



Huawei Kirin

Following the US sanctions, Huawei is facing various issues in the semiconductor supply chain and the company addressed the current progress of the Chinese chipset industry at the 2023 World Semiconductor Conference and Nanjing International Semiconductor Expo.

World Semiconductor Conference starts from July 19th to 21st, 2023. It includes forums, high-quality development entrepreneur summits, innovation and application summits, parallel forums, special events, special exhibitions, other activities, and more.

Ying Weimin, director, and chief supply chain officer of Huawei said that supply has become a systematic project. He gave an example: “We should not only care about buying bread but also how to grow wheat”. Weiman mentioned that semiconductor products have now become a tool for strategic resources similar to oil.

2023 World Semiconductor Conference and Nanjing International Semiconductor Expo.

The Huawei executive expressed concerns over the current US-China relationship but also louds the change in competitors. He acknowledged that semiconductor investments are now in trend and the industry is rapidly developing talent in this field.

Mr. Weiman highlights the key aspects of competitiveness in the high-quality development of semiconductor products. These are – extremely high quality, extremely high efficiency, and extreme innovation.

That’s not it, He urged the industry to strengthen teh basic research and nurture talent for the development of semiconductor technologies.

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Back in February, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei mentioned that Huawei has replaced 13,000 parts. These were sanctioned by the US and swapped with Chinese-made components and redesigned 4000 circuit boards for products. This change has been made with the continued collaboration with Chinese chip makers and industry players.

It’s also reported that Huawei also developed its own EDA tools in order to advance itself in the semiconductor area.

Aside from chipset and semiconductors, Huawei has built its own enterprise resource planning system, called MetaERP, to help run its core business functions, including finance, supply chain, and manufacturing.


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