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Huawei with 14nm EDA, a Chinese firm preps for 7nm and 5nm




Huawei has recently announced a breakthrough in 14nm semiconductor EDA tools and a new report reveals that other Chinese companies are also preparing even advanced chipset nodes such as 7nm and 5nm.

According to the information, China’s largest EDA company, Empyrean Technology Co is preparing to work on advanced EDA software for 7nm and 5nm. However, specifics are yet to be known.

The latest revealings came during the Q1 2023 business report. This shows that Empyrean Technology has earned 160 million yuan in revenue with a year-on-year increase of 64.71%.

The net profit was 21.1462 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 101.71%. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non-recurring gains. The EDA maker also revealed plans for future development in the industry. As it mainly focuses on three key aspects of the EDA tech.

First, it will complete the new products and production line. Second, Empyrean Tech will improve support for advanced processing and upgrade them to support 5nm and 7nm technologies.

Third, the company wants to focus on continuous breakthroughs and the promotion of new products. It will also optimize and upgrade the existing tools and strengthen the support capabilities of EDA products and related technologies.


EDA or Electronic Design Automation, is a set of tools including software, hardware, and services for semiconductor design. It is collectively used to assist in the definition, planning, design, implementation, verification, and manufacturing of semiconductors or chips.

Currently, Empyrean Technology has not announced the exact details about 7nm or 5nm EDAs but we’ll have to wait for more information.


Following the issues in the US supply chain, Huawei urged the Chinese tech industry to ramp up efforts in order to resolve the difficulties. Therefore, the company began to collaborate with various semiconductor partners to build new chipset technologies.

Still, a breakthrough in advanced EDA is a huge task and requires major investment. However, these companies are digging more into this industry to get the best outcome.


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