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Huawei Cangjie beta program exceeds 11000 applications in half a month



Huawei Cangjie 11000 beta applications

Huawei introduced the Cangjie programming language at the HDC 2024 event and began its beta program on the same day. Since then, the company has received over 11000 applications for the Huawei Cangjie language beta testing program.

On July 07, 2024, the Chinese tech giant organized a sub-forum at the 2024 ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) China Turing event. During the session, many executives participated and shared their strategies in the computing aspect.

At that time, the chief architect of Huawei Cangjie – Feng Xinyu announced that over 11000 developers applied for the programming language’s trial phase.

Feng also revealed that Huawei Cangjie surpassed 5000 beta applications within 24 hours of its official unveiling, and now this figure reached 11000 within half a month.

Huawei Cangjie 11000 beta applications

Huawei Cangjie beta program exceeds 11000 applications (Image Credits: ITHome)

Other executives like the chief scientist of the Huawei programming languages – Gao Yaoqing also shared his thoughts. He described how Cangjie contributes to new achievements in programming technology and related operations for developers.

The President of ACM Yannis Ioannidis said that China is supporting the world to a great extent – thanks to talented computing scholars. It seems China started emerging in the field of programming languages, deepening its roots in computer science.

Huawei Cangjie beta program exceeds 11000 applications in half a month

President of ACM Yannis Ioannidis and Huawei executives (Image Credits: ITHome)

Cangjie programming language is deeply rooted in the HarmonyOS NEXT operating system. It focuses on four major aspects: powerful security, high performance, full-scenario compatibility, as well as native intelligence property.

Developers can visit the official website or tap HERE to sign up for the Cangjie beta program. The company has opened the testing activity till October 21 this year. To participate, you must fulfill certain eligibility criteria:

  • Real-name authentication in Huawei Developer Alliance
  • Submit application details for the HarmonyOS NEXT Cangjie language developer preview beta activity.

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