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Huawei steps up EMUI 14.2 amid EMUI 14 rollout



Huawei EMUI

Huawei is rolling out EMUI 14 for globally eligible devices and the company also brought EMUI 14.2 for recently released flagships as revealed by our readers.

A few months ago, Huawei launched the EMUI 14 beta program, allowing smartphone users to test this new software before public release. The company introduced new features with this EMUI version to simplify user interactions.

EMUI 14 redesigns animations and provides a sense of interactiveness. It has a live view providing real-time insights for background activities. EMUI 14 has new customization features and personalizations for the home and lock screen with new themes.

The Chinese phone maker opened EMUI 14 beta for the P60 series, Mate 50 series, P50 series, and Nova 11 series simultaneously. Interestingly, it ended the beta activity for the P60 and Mate 50 series by releasing new firmware and transitioning to EMUI 14.2.

This new firmware follows the global debut of the Pura 70 series, first Huawei phones with EMUI 14.2 out of the box. In the past, Huawei used to release P-series phones with incremental versions but paused temporarily in the past few years. However, the Huawei P60 series returned to this tradition and now Pura 70.

EMUI 14.2 adds a new layer of improvement over EMUI 14 including further polishing visual appearance. It enhances security and users can now interact with the theme by playing games.

Some users received this version straight ahead with a full-size build. While others have been reporting EMUI 14.2 beta release. That may be due to the staged rollout and will eventually make a way to more users with the stable release.

In case the update doesn’t pop up in your phone maker sure to check it manually by going into Settings > System & updates > Software update. Check for a new software version from this settings menu.

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