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Huawei steps in top five Metaverse patent ranking




Huawei is constantly attaining success in the patent field. In the latest edition, Huawei has secured its place among the top five tech makers in the Metaverse patent ranking and immensely contributed to digital evolution.

The Tokyo research company – Cyber Creative Institute (associated with foreign media) has recently published the Metaverse patent ranking report for several manufacturers including Huawei.

Eventually, the report highlights the success of South Korean and Chinese companies that have shown huge growth and achievements in the past few years. While the report also predicts the future of the Metaverse in the world alongside.

Speaking of the rankings, Huawei has successfully attained the fourth position for its image and display processing patents.  Despite failing to make its name in the previous top 20 survey, this time the company has earned itself a spot in the top five.

Meanwhile, LG has grabbed the first position followed by Samsung in the second. Further, the list displays Meta at third rank, Microsoft at fifth, and Intel and Apple at sixth position.

A total of 20 cooperations were counted in the Metaverse patent ranking. Together, these companies have submitted 7,760 patent applications. Accordingly, the US counts a contribution of 57%, and South Korea and China have 19% and 12% respectively.

Up to this point, Huawei has made many initiatives to lift the bar of Metaverse in China. The company has collaborated with various partners and operators to deploy the technology and bring virtual-real interaction experience to users.

Metaverse to reach 74.7 billion USD

IDC – the popular industry data tracker has predicted that the evolution of Metverse technology is not so far. By the year 2026, the worldwide Metaverse market will exceed over 74.7 billion USD. There will be 4 times development within 4-5 years.

Besides, the upcoming changes in the Metaverse field will enhance the overall virtual experience for consumers. It will facilitate new services and benefits for users. Moreover, these changes will help in exploring unique display technologies in the time ahead.


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