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Huawei sold 2 million car components until April 2023



Today, at Huawei Smart Car Solution Conference, Huawei Smart Car Business Chief, Yu Chengdong delivered an open keynote and announced that Huawei has achieved a new milestone in the smart car industry by selling 2 million smart car components.

Yu revealed that the smart car business unit Huawei has shipped over 2 million smart car components to business partners. Interestingly, he also revealed some statics that the company has grasped.

He said Huawei and partner car companies have launched 5 strategic smart car models and gained 300+ ecosystem partners. This is a huge leap made by the Chinese tech maker and gained excellent results.

The smart car business CEO also shared the details of upcoming cooperations. Yu confirmed that Huawei will launch over 12 strategic smart car models by the autumn of next year.

This also indicates Huawei is working actively with car makers to build new cars in all genres.

Huawei 2 million car components

Future of smart cars:

That’s not it, Yu also envisioned a revolution in the smart car industry. He stressed that EVs will transform similarly from featured phones to smartphones. The move toward the next generation of electronic vehicles is a big challenge and it should be achieved by 2025.

He cleared the cloud of many car makers and stated that if any car maker won’t join seize the opportunity in smart connected electric vehicles, the company will disappear no matter its market value or size.

Yu Chengdong said that fully electric vehicles have two halves. The first half covers full electrification and hardware experience. The second half contains smart operations and powerful software.

Stone Age car companies:

Earlier this month, during a Chinese electric vehicles forum, Yu Chengdong said that he is surprised by the current quality management and capabilities of the car companies in China, which is still in the stone age as compared to the current Huawei standards.

Therefore, everyone should participate in cooperation with Huawei.

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