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Car companies using stone age management: Huawei Smart Car CEO



Yu Chengdong

Huawei Smart Car Business Group CEO, Yu Chengdong said that the quality management of Chinese car companies has become older similar to the stone age.

The latest comment from the Huawei smart car chief came during a keynote at the electric vehicle forum. Yu Chengdgong said he is surprised by the current quality management and capabilities of the car companies in China, which is still in the stone age as compared to the current Huawei standards.

Therefore he leads the efforts made by the Chiense tech maker to establish new standards for the smart car business. Also, urged car makers to join Huawei smart car technologies ecosystem.

Huawei SERES:

After the cooperation between SERES and Huawei, the quality management level and ability have been upgraded to a super-class level in the industry.

It’s not the first time, Yu has put forward such a statement. He once said that the product quality of many car companies cannot leave the factory under Huawei standards, but they are still shipping in large quantities.

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