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Huawei shipped more than 100 million Wi-Fi router units worldwide



Huawei Wi-Fi router 100 million

Today, Huawei officially announced that the company has shipped over 100 million Wi-Fi router units across the world. Apart from smartphone and tablet lines, the Chinese tech giant is also achieving new milestones in other technological fields.

Huawei shared this news via its official page on Weibo. The OEM posted a giant picture revealing that Huawei Wi-Fi Router products exceeded more than 100 million unit shipments worldwide in the first quarter of this year. Here the caption reads:

“Milestone moment! Huawei’s routers have shipped more than 100 million units worldwide. With continuous hard work along the way, Huawei routers will set sail again at the peak! ​​”

Toasting the new achievement, netizens said that more advanced routers will soon join the shelves with even better performance and faster network speed over rivals.

Huawei Wi-Fi router 100 million

Huawei shipped 100 million routers globally (Image Credits: Huawei/Weibo)

Huawei also shared a summary of its Wi-Fi routers‘ journey. The company brought in the first home router in 2015 named WS860. With consumers’ support for new products, the tech maker continued to bring better-than-before creations.

In 2016, the OEM unveiled its first sub-master router Q1 and took another step with the Q2 router in 2018 which equips Huawei’s self-developed PLC chip, and power line networking technology. It appeared as an evolution in the Wi-Fi Router field.

AX generation continued to approach new heights. With the AX3 series, the firm shipped around 50 million+ units. Finally, Huawei unveiled its first Wi-Fi 7 router in 2023: BE3 Pro with extraordinary capabilities and amazing network efficiency.

The overall description hints that Huawei will continue to move towards improved and latest solutions, enhancing its routers to a greater extent.

Huawei Wi-Fi router 100 million

Huawei shipped 100 million routers globally (Image Credits: Huawei/Weibo)

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