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Over 90% consumers purchased high-end models of HarmonyOS-powered EVs: Huawei



Huawei high-end HarmonyOS EVs

Huawei Consumer Business Chairman Yu Chengdong recently stated that consumers are more willing to purchase high-end models of HarmonyOS-powered EVs rather than cost-effective versions. This shows popularity of Huawei smart car solutions.

During the 2024 China Auto Blue Book Forum, Yu Chengdong talked about the price issues of HarmonyOS Smart Driving cars. He said that over the past few months, EVs below 200,000 yuan are not performing well in the market.

Customers’ demand is shifting from affordable to high-end models of the Huawei HarmonyOS-powered EVs. This ultimately led the smart cars below 300,000 yuan ($41,352) to lose money in the Chinese automobile sales race.

Yu further said that Huawei is not considering to help developing cars below 200000 yuan for now. It is so as more than 90% of consumers are purchasing EVs priced above 400000 yuan due to high-fy smart solutions and technologies.

Huawei high-end HarmonyOS EVs

Huawei talks about price issues and demand of high-end HarmonyOS EVs (Image Credits: ITHome)

Describing the automobile smart car solution performance, Yu says that HarmonyOS Smart Driving sold 150,000 units in five months which is quite low volume compared to others. Yet we are still in profit – thanks to high-end EVs demand.

Huawei’s Chairman hopes to achieve the leading position in the quality, reliability, and durability of the product. He also mentions that most of the automobile firms want to cooperate with Huawei. But currently, the company is refusing these offers due to fewer resources and limited manpower.

Apart from smart car price issues, the CEO of Huawei Intelligent Automotive Solutions – Jin Yuzhi expects to open high-speed L3 intelligent driving next year (2025). He says that the new solution is quite important and we join its batch by the next year.

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