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Deterministic Network Technology: Huawei’s new approach to improve 5G network for various use cases



On the 23rd of June 2021, the Future Network Development Conference was held in Nanjing, China, and released the Future Network White Paper: Deterministic Network Technology System. It’s introduced to define the coming changes in the network using a deterministic network technology approach.

The provisions of Huawei with other firms such as Zijinshan Lab, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, 5G Deterministic Network Industry Alliance, Jiangsu Hengtong Optoelectronics, and Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Research Institute have participated in the event.

Certainly, the internet has covered a wide range of applications such as online shopping, live streaming, video calls, voice calls, and so on in today’s scenario. And, satisfying the high-scale user demands.

On the other hand, many other emerging systems like agriculture and service industries, like smart manufacturing, autonomous driving, remote controlling, intelligent decision-making systems, telemedicine systems, and videos, etc are still lacking in many aspects.

In order to solve this or make these above-mentioned systems more reliable and strong, the deterministic approach is the best solution.

Deterministic communication:

Talking about deterministic communication, it brings communication elements such as ultra-low latency, ultra-low jitter, and ultra-high reliability for ambitious systems.

This deterministic network use real-time data transportation for managing the ultra-low upper bound delay, jitter, package loss rate, controllable bandwidth from upper and lower bounds, and ultra-high lower bound reliability.

It’s good enough to fulfill the requirement of the three major service areas- agriculture, business service, and video in China and achieve the high-quality communication obligations.

Future Network White Paper: Deterministic Network Technology System

This white paper pinpointed the basic essentials to apply the deterministic network technology targeting the three major service areas of China. It provides real-time and high-quality services with strong reliability to enhancing the consumer experience of new generation network communication systems.

It also introduced the technical characteristics and requirements of the deterministic approach in different use cases and application scenarios. It can be defined in the following terms-

  1. TNS- time-sensitive networks
  2. FlexE- flexible ethernet
  3. DetNet- deterministic network
  4. DIP- deterministic IP
  5. DetWiFi- deterministic WiFi
  6. 5GDN- 5G deterministic network

The establishment process of the deterministic network will gradually come into progress and will need support from the industry. The firms are suggested to build multi-level and multi-dimensional architecture and get familiar with deep integration of local, wide, wired, and wireless deterministic networks.

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