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Huawei and GAC plans new smart electric SUV, aims mass produce by 2023




The GAC group has officially announced its partnership with Huawei to work on a smart SUV. Both of these tech giants are planning to begin mass production by the end of 2023.

Huawei is already a well-developed brand in various electric vehicle technologies. And further, the company keeps on doing its research on several new techs to make electric vehicles more productive.

The upcoming SUV is said to be a pure electric vehicle along with autonomous driving Level 4. This electric vehicle will be using power-efficient and futuristic technologies of Huawei and the resources of GAC.

This SUV and other future models will be using the GRP.30 Chassis platform of GAC and Huawei will contribute with CCA (Computing and Communication Architecture). Furthermore, they all will combine with Huawei’s intelligent vehicle solutions.

Huawei-GAC partnership

Huawei and GAC have worked together ever since 2017, both have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This agreement relates both firms to work closely in the field of intelligent connected electric vehicles.

Huawei GAC SUV Car

Last September, both of these companies extended their partnership and signed another agreement to develop a trend towards software-packed vehicles.

To further deepen their partnership, Huawei and GAC have gotten into another new project of developing a fully electric smart SUV.

Future of electric vehicles

A recent study on the EV vehicle market reveals that electric vehicles seem will pick up pace in the near future. The data speculates that the EV global market will increase by five times between 2016 and 2027.

Considering this data, the demand for EVs in the coming days tends to increase. The companies will have to increase production to meet those demands. Looking at this, both Huawei and GAC planned to produce eight models and multiple series of electric vehicles.

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