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Huawei implemented 5G gigabit network technology with China Mobile



On 15th June 2021, Huawei jointly with China Mobile Tianjin Branch successfully implemented 5G gigabit network technology at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin, China.

After the installation of Huawei 5G indoor distributed Massive MIMO innovative technology, it became the country’s first National Convention and Exhibition Center with a universal gigabit wireless solution.

Test Results:

It can be observed from the test results that the average download rate has been reached to 1.26Gbps. In this, about 95% of the testers have been realized a 1Gbps rate.

The test venue has experienced the universal gigabit network with a steady and strong network connection, satisfy the huge network demand.

Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center:

The center has situated in the Jinnan district of Tianjin, China. It’s said to be the third national exhibition project followed by Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex and the National Convention and Exhibition Center of Shanghai.

Huawei 5G Massive MIMO Soltuion:

The uses of multi-antenna joint reception and transmission technology deliver the high-capacity at high-density exhibition scenes. It effectively reducing inter-cell interference, improves the single-user experience, and increase the network capacity to satisfy users demand.

The solution realizes the average downlink experience rate of 5G users has increased by 50% while the highest rate has been reached to 1.45Gbps assuring a rich mobile broadband service.

Tianjin mobile is appreciating Huawei’s 5g network solution and looking to invest in more innovations with Huawei. Both firms are willing to contribute to creating a 5G ubiquitous network scenario to provide the fastest network to the users.

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