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Huawei publishes new patent for foldable device, reduces chances of damage of hinge components



On November 28, 2019, Huawei applied for a new patent named “a foldable device” in China. According to the information, it was published on May 28 with announcement number CN112866447A.

The patent application describes that folding device which consists of first housing, second housing, third housing, electric wires, and wire fixing assembly.

Patent Details:

Following the device structure, the third housing is situated between in first and second housing and connected through the wires. The two ends of the third housing are connected to the first and second housing respectively and the wire fixing assembly is arranged inside the third housing for fixing the wire of the foldable terminal device to the third housing.

The wire fixing component includes a first magnetic component and a magnetic component, the first magnetic component is fixedly connected to the inside of the third housing, the magnetic component is connected with the wire, and the magnetic component is magnetically connected with the first magnetic component.

Moreover, the connecting wires in the third housing were fixed with a wire fixing assembly, which reduces the movement of wires in the housing. It results to minimize the wear between the wire and the rotating shaft in the third housing and reduce the chance of wire damage from moving hinge.

(Via – ithome)

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