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Huawei Pocket S2 foldable may appear in purple plain leather design



Huawei Pocket S2 purple plain leather design

Huawei Pocket S2 foldable is coming and a new input states that the flip-flop model may carry a purple plain leather design. In addition, the folding device could equip a gray glass panel and both these aesthetics make the phone quite attractive.

While early rumors have given a slight idea about the Pocket S2’s appearance, the exact design details are still missing. Adding the latest inputs on this matter, @DigitalChatStation says that the Huawei Pocket S2 may wear a purple plain leather design.

The tipster mentioned that the Huawei Pocket S2 is likely to be a thin and lightweight foldable. It will continue to flourish in the appearance of its predecessor but with some significant upgrades. There will be a large cover screen with a giant camera module and enhanced features.

Alongside, the post reads that the device will adopt a purple plain leather at the rear side with a gray glass outlook. This new add-on is quite good and will reflect the impressive appearance of the flip-flop smartphone.

Huawei Pocket S2 purple plain leather design

Moreover, the Pocket S2 foldable may use a 4520mAh battery with 66W fast charging support. Another highlight could be the Kirin 9000s 5G chipset which will feature 5G network capabilities for the first time in a Pocket folding phone.

Many of these details are in line with the existing reports. Although we need to wait till February 26 to obtain the official words on the coming vertical foldable smartphone. By that time, we may hit more interesting news on this matter.

Huawei Triple-Foldable exists!

Apart from the vertical foldable, the tipster confirmed the existence of the triple-foldable phone from the brand. He noted that the company’s software and hardware are ready to offer amazing capabilities to consumers. Both these aspects started leading the way, approaching a new milestone.

Huawei Pocket S2 purple plain leather design


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