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Alleged Huawei Shine (Xingyao) V10 phone surfaced online with Kirin 8000s chip, HarmonyOS 4, and more



Huawei Shine Xingyao V10 phone

Huawei has been in rumors for readying a sub-brand named ‘Xingyao’ and meanwhile, a new phone named Shine (Xingyao) V10 has surfaced online. The device looks similar to the Nova 11 series and packs some of the advanced specifications.

A Weibo blogger has recently shared an official-looking poster of the alleged Huawei Shine (Xingyao) V10 phone model. He also mentioned that the new sub-brand models are available in large quantities with efficient supply chain management.

Speaking of the poster, the image highlights the key specifications of the Shine V10 smartphone. The design is quite identical to the Nova 11 lineup with a cylindrical camera module on the rear side alongside a star-ring giant lens at the center.

The optical framework further consists of two lenses at the sides. Next, the front face shows a center punch-hole for the selfie lens and has a flat screen with curvy edges. Instead of the Huawei logo, the device has the ‘Shine’ symbol on the back panel.

Features & Specifications:

Moving on, the poster highlights seven reasons to adopt the Huawei Shine V10 series. To begin with, the phone uses a Kirin 8000s chip and pre-installs the HarmonyOS 4.0. It sports a 64MP main camera for outstanding, stable, and brilliant captures.

The phone packs a 5100mAh battery which supports 100W Superfast Turbo charging. Speaking of the display aspects, the V10 model is said to feature a 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming rate for ambient brightness and proficient visual effects.

Last but not least, the device supports NFC multi-function capability, IR controls, and dual speakers. The handset availability appears in two versions: 12GB + 256GB for 2599 yuan and 16GB + 512GB for 3199 yuan.

Huawei Shine Xingyao V10 phone

Fact or Fake?

It is worth mentioning that one of the three images reads that these are unofficial shots and not real machines. Besides, there is neither such model on the official Huawei websites nor the company has made any official statement on this matter so far!

Moreover, many netizens commented on the post that it’s a fake as the company is already looking at major products for the moment and there is less probability that the company would showcase two Nova lineups in the same year.

And the existence of Kirin 8000s is still a question. It is unclear how far the latest news fits in the accuracy frame. It would be better to learn official statements on this matter before confirming it.

Huawei Shine Xingyao V10 phone

Huawei Xingyao:

The Chinese tech giant has already filed the trademark for Xingyao and Xingyao Edition as a scientific device. On the flip side, a few reports say that the company is considering launching a phone sub-brand Xingyao with a major focus on cost-effective handsets for the online market.

With this sub-brand, Huawei will maintain its strength from mid to high-end markets. The information also hints that Xingyao devices will carry a price tag ranging between 1500 yuan to 3500 yuan. We will keep you posted on this matter as bagged by new details.

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