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Huawei triple-foldable phone rumored to launch in second quarter of 2024



Huawei triple-foldable launch

Huawei triple-foldable phone is now rumored to be in the making and it could launch by the second quarter of this year. The company has started developing the first-ever ‘triple folding’ device and we may find impressive results soon.

According to the latest information, Huawei has reportedly begun the development of a triple-foldable phone and is considering to launch it somewhere in Q2 2024.

The device’s production is progressing gradually with the testing of new components and ultra-thin flexible glass screens. Eventually, the tri-fold handset will include three display panels alongside two sets of hinge technologies.

Notably, the Chinese tech giant has preferred Zhaoli and Fusda for the hinge tech suppliers. Meanwhile, Huawei will continue to possess the display panel from BOE (Beijing Oriental Electronics) for an immersive visual experience.

Huawei triple-foldable launch

Triple-Foldable Form Factor

On the flip side, the information reveals that the triple foldable phone is likely to sport an S or Z-shaped form factor. The overall screen size hearsay to be similar to the other standard smartphones. However, changes could show up in terms of external layout.

Earlier, we reported that the company’s triple-foldable phone will be ‘far ahead’ in design and creativity. As of now, Huawei began its work on this concept and will look at every aspect that could make the first-ever tri-fold device a success in the innovation, pricing, and durability segment.

In addition, the device might use a 28:9 or 18:9 ratio aspect which may fold the device into a 4:3 layout. Thus, it will offer a convenient feel to consumers with a strong grip and an easy-to-open mechanism for the foldable phone.

Currently, things are in the speculations circle and we require some official statement from the company to get clarification on this subject.


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