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Huawei Petal Search gets new user interface and better than ever features



Petal Search is an application that allows users to get daily feeds, news, weather information, live scores, view schedules, search for music, video, image, get financial market information, stock market updates. Petal Search even empowers users to search and download third party applications from a number oof different sources.

Huawei recently started pushing a new update for Petal Search application that brings a major design change and a restructure of the entire application features. Let’s explore these changes below.

New Design:

Compared to the old simple design, Petal Search now have a more professional stylish design including new Petal Search logo followed by search bar including search icon, voice search and scan feature for instant translations.

The next section has fast pace bookmarks for latest News, Applications, Sports and Restaurants.

The third section has a number of hot searches on the internet.

And the last seccction offers latest feeds from around the web and it also has several categories such as

  1. My feed
  2. Business
  3. Sports
  4. Entertainment
  5. Tech
Huawei Petal Search Home Page

Huawei Petal Search Home Page

On the bottom side, it has a tab bar, which consists of four tabs:

  1. For you
  2. Petal
  3. Recent
  4. Me

Let’s explore them in detail:

1. For you: This is the homepage of Petal Search that we’ve described above.

2. Petal: Petal tab shows you content regarding local weather adn top moments of the day as well as top recommendations for shows and movies.

Huawei Petal Search New Design

Huawei Petal Search Peta Tab

3. Recent: This tab allows you to check the history of the features you’ve browsed or opened inside the app.

4. Me: This tab allows you to see information regarding the user followed by a number of options such as, Search history, Collections, and Downloads. The Me section also has other options such as:

  1. Incognito mode
  2. Privacy center
  3. Settings
  4. Online support
  5. Feedback
  6. About
Huawei Petal Search New Design

Huawei Petal Search Recent Tab, Top search and Me Tab

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