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Huawei patent for foldable phone technology and installation method



On March 9, 2021, Huawei published a patent for foldable electronic devices and folding screens with publication number CN112466205A in China. However, this patent was applied back in 2019.

This patent description shows that the foldable electronic model and folding screen installation structure. The foldable device contains a housing and a middle frame. The body of the device has electronic components and a folding screen, which is flexible and bendable. Also, this folding screen also includes a flexible cover plate for the display.

The display panel of the screen work through the flexible cover, which supports all foreign components. The supporting components are connected with the supporting structure, which located in the side face of the folding screen. A connector connects to a second connector via a thermosetting resin layer.

The connecting member is fixedly connected to the middle frame of the device and is used to mount the folding screen and the supporting structure on the device.

Additionally, the supporting structure module is firmly connected to the middle frame of the electronic device and is used for binding the folding screen and supports the structure on the electronic model. Adding to this, the patent foldable model will not produce mold prints or convex hulls on the surface of the foldable screen during use.

Apart from this, on February 22, Huawei has launched the new generation folding smartphone, Huawei Mate X2 with premium features and equipped with the latest technology.


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