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Huawei has a new smart car features technology to reduce manufacturing costs



On September 12, 2019, Huawei has applied for the patent named “system, method, and car for realizing the electronic controlling functions” in China. This patent was published on March 12, 2021, with publication number CN112477779A.

The patent describes that this solution is suitable for smart cars, electric as well as traditional cars. This innovation system and method help in improving the car architecture including integrated units and multiple auto parts collections.

The car integration unit in the scheme is used to provide services for the first auto parts collection among multiple auto parts collections, which is beneficial in reducing the cost of auto parts.

On the other hand, rumors of Huawei manufacturing its own car with collaborating with other car manufacturing brand partners. Regarding this matter, Huawei’s spoke person completely denied and said they are not a car manufacturer.

However, he also added that Huawei wanted to be one of the largest components providers for smart cars, which helps the automobile companies to build good and advanced cars.

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