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Huawei P70 series rumored to feature 1MG+7P molded glass-plastic camera lens



Huawei P70 1MG+7P glass-plastic camera

Huawei is considering new solutions for its upcoming P70 series and the 1MG+7P molded glass-plastic camera modules could be among them. As per the new details, the tech giant rumored to use advanced optical structures for its new models.

Tipster @DigitalChatStation shared a leak regarding the Apple iPhone 16 Pro models and said that the premium device may equip with the 1MG+7P glass solution. It will further use a combination of an advanced outsole (1/1.14) frame and a strong telephoto lens.

Concluding the details, the tipster mentioned that Huawei will also use the same solution for its new models. At present, the Huawei P70 series is in the making and we could consider the 1MG+7P molded glass-plastic camera module solution for it.

Huawei P70 1MG+7P glass-plastic camera

What is a 1G+7P camera solution?

The letter G and P stands for the ratio between glass and plastic used for lenses. Eventually, 1G+7P reflects one part of the glass and seven parts of plastic. Such lenses can be easily molded into extreme aspheric shapes and occupy less space.

In terms of benefits, these lenses gather more light than ordinary camera sensors and reduce lens aberrations to the greatest possible extent. Thus, the image capturing becomes brighter and less noisy. Besides, the overall optical performance is better even in bad light conditions.

Previous Reports:

Analysts Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Huawei P70 Art will use such type of camera module solution. However, the information appeared with a distinct lens setup: 1G+6P lens with a cost of $12 while reduced at the mass production stage to $6-7. As of now, we are seeing more details on this matter.

Perhaps, Huawei may use a different lens setup for the standard and top-end P70 models, just like the rumored alterations in processor (Read the full story HERE). Although the Chinese tech giant could use a new glass-plastic camera module for its upcoming flagship.

These details are spinning in the rumor category and we await more confirmation and some official inputs on this matter.

Huawei P70 1MG+7P glass-plastic camera


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