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Huawei P70 Art to feature 1-inch IMX989 sensor with glass-plastic hybrid lens



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Huawei P70 Art could be the biggest sales opener next year with its upgraded camera system including a 1-inch IMX989 sensor.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo brought us information regarding the upcoming P-series lineup. Although, He revealed major details regarding the telephoto cameras for the entire series but the new tip is something different from the past.

The top variant – Huawei P70 Art will use a 1/1-inch sensor with a glass-plastic hybrid lens. This lens is provided by Largan and Sunny Optical, two of the leading manufacturers of hybrid lenses.

A glass-plastic hybrid lens provides higher quality, sharp pixels, and less chromatic aberration. It has a more durable structure, lightweight module, and lower manufacturing cost than glass lenses.

Huawei selected the 1G6P lens for the upcoming top P70 variant costs about $12 for prototype models and was reduced to $6-7 at the mass production stage.

Huawei P60 ARt

Kuo said Huawei will use Sony’s IMX989 in the P70 Art variant along with a 1G6P lens combination. This information on this matter suggests that the 1G6P lens could leverage the quality and capability of the IMX989 sensor.

Although, the 8P lens is cheaper than the 1G6P lens but the advantages of the latter provide a better edge in better optical performance with more deformation-resistance. That’s why Apple featured the lens in the iPhone 15 Pro models.

The selection of Largan and Sunny Optical in this particular supply chain depends claimed with in-house glass lenses with high-quality design output.


The new glass-plastic hybrid lenses used in Huawei P70 Art and iPhone 15 Pro Max indicate at a new trend in the smartphone camera industry. It is predicted that the trend will be followed by more companies later next year.

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