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Huawei targets customers in South Korea to expand smartphone business



Huawei South Korea customers business

Huawei is focusing on the expansion of its smartphone business in the global market and currently, the company is targeting customers in South Korea. Although it looks like the tech giant may face difficulty in this region.

According to the information, smartphone users in South Korea still pick Samsung and Apple as their favorite brands. Both tech firms have secured a strong position in the market and continue to offer innovative products on the table.

Meanwhile, Huawei has been missing from the South Korean ground for the past few years due to the U.S. sanctions. The strict prohibitions have snatched several facilities like Google Mobile Services, 5G chips, and other significant tools from the Chinese tech giant.

These factors pushed down Huawei from the smartphone markets in 2020. On the flip side, Samsung phones have been delivering all these services for a long while, which shifted the benefits towards the South Korean firm.

Huawei South Korea customers business

Analyst Abhilash Kumar from TechInsights said:

“The Shenzhen-based company, which has been offering various products and services to Korean customers for two decades, has been effectively absent from the country’s smartphone market in the past few years due to its inability to source 5G chipsets. South Korea’s smartphone market is 5G-heavy, with a 5G penetration of more than 95% for 2023, so it made little sense for consumers to buy Huawei’s 4G-powered phones.”

Even though Huawei has made an iconic return in the smartphone market with the Mate 60 Pro model. Yet, the analyst says it is still difficult for the Chinese company to firm its legs in South Korea as Samsung and Apple don’t give much space to other tech vendors.

Huawei’s efforts in South Korea

However, Huawei continues to make efforts on this matter using its cloud computing business. The CEO of Huawei Korea – Wang Balian said that the company developed in cloud device in South Korea last year to serve better facilities to enterprises.

Perhaps, it may take some time for Huawei to extend its smartphone business in South Korea although the company has started chasing customers and will soon get some fruitful results.


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