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Standard Huawei P70 model could equip Kirin 9000s chip



Standard Huawei P70 Kirin 9000s chip

Huawei P70 series is once again in the spotlight for its processor details and a leak suggests that the standard model of this lineup could bring the Kirin 9000s chip to the table. The chipset has been reportedly tested for the next P-series flagship.

Weibo tipster @SmartPikachu recently posted some new revelations about the Huawei P70 series. To begin with, the leak reads that the upcoming smartphone lineup will feature customized micro-curved display panels.

These screens won’t support 2K resolution. Yet, it will include acceptable PWM dimming capabilities to control the brightness effectively. Note that higher PWM dimming rates ensure a risk-free flicker and enhanced viewing experience.

Besides, the power consumption aspects of Huawei P70 models are decent and will not hinder user experience. In addition, the tipster cited that the standard version of the Huawei P70 series has tested the Kirin 9000s chip and might use it.

Standard Huawei P70 Kirin 9000s chip

Kirin 9000s:

The ultimate chipset showed up with the Mate 60 Pro smartphone. Its CPU architecture has an octa-core setup including 1 x 2.62Ghz core, 3 x 2.15GHz cores, and 4 x 1.53 GHz cores. Meanwhile, it supports the self-developed Maleoon 910 GPU.

Some previous reports predicted that Huawei has more phones in the pipeline that may feature the Kirin 9000s processor soon. It looks like, we may see the respective chip once again with the P70 series with stronger performance than the Snapdragon 888.

Huawei P70 Pro – Kirin 9010:

A few days ago, the same tipster mentioned that Kirin 9010 is also in the testing process. Probably, the company could use the new Kirin variant for the Huawei P70 Pro and Art models. Notably, this processor has been underway for three years. Though we could find it on the real surface in 2024.

Apart from the chipset subject, the Huawei P70 series is likely to use upgraded camera solutions with enhanced ultra-wide angle and a powerful periscope lens. Moreover, it is expected that the upcoming flagship lineup will boost the sales revenue by a higher percentage, compared to the last year.

No doubt, this premium handset series will help the company set its legs back in the smartphone business game in the time ahead.

Standard Huawei P70 Kirin 9000s chip


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