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Huawei P60 to use Sony IMX789+IMX888 for variable aperture camera



huawei variable aperture

The revelation of Huawei P60 is heading our way in the first quarter of this year and the company will boast its capabilities with variable aperture camera technology.

According to the inputs comes from DigitalChatStation, the Huawei P60 series will use a combination of Sony IMX789 + IMX888 sensors in the main camera. Interestingly, the phone lineup will adapt these sensors under the variable aperture mechanism.

Further details reveal that the company will input a 50MP megapixel count to empower both of these sensors. While there’s a sensor size of around 1/1.4 inch.

huawei p60 variable aperture camera

Before we move on to the variable aperture technology, it’s worth mentioning that the IMX789 sensor was used in OnePlus 9 Pro. As per the specifications, the default of the sensor is 52MP but OnePlus chopped it to 48MP to support its imaging system. On the other hand, Huawei will also chop it on the upcoming phone.

Variable aperture:

Huawei’s variable aperture camera tech has six blade system that closes and opens in accordance with the requirement of the light.

It provides 10 aperture stops and changes the aperture settings automatically. This technology greatly enhances image quality, colors, light, and blur in backgrounds to a maximum amount.

huawei variable aperture


XMAGE will accompany the variable aperture in the Huawei P60 series and provide a fantastic imaging system for consumers who are looking forward to the camera flagship device. Super macro is another capability that will be improved as compared to the Huawei P50 series.

These technologies were first used in Huawei Mate 50 Pro and now the Chinese tech maker is about to debut in the P60 lineup, which would be awesome.

Huawei P60:

The camera has always been the key specialty for the P series phones and Huawei installs various photography features to the P series models to ensure they live up to the customers’ expectations.

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