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Huawei P60 Pro dual color leather version leaked



Huawei p60 pro dual color

Recently, a new plain leather version of the Huawei P60 Pro leaked and revealed interesting dual color composition, which is aesthetically rich. According to the information, this version is being called an engineering device, which means there’s no confirmation about its launch. However, the use of background material is what we’re here to discuss.

The back of this Huawei P60 Pro is made of plain leather and combines a dual color scheme – gray on the left and black on the right. The colors are stitched together and go through the camera module. Also, the black portion is dominating over the gray.

Is this a cover?

There are other facts that we need to inspect at in the image. For instance, the “XMAGE” branding on the camera is changed to “GAMEX”. Dots on the camera system and some camera labels in the middle lens aren’t part of the public Huawei P60 Pro version.

All of these signs reflect that this design belongs to a testing model and it’s not the case. Therefore, we’re excited for this version to come out and want to know whether it will bring more color options for the customers. For the time being, there’s no confirmation available about the launch from the official site.

Huawei p60 pro dual color

Rococo White:

The company has designed this phone with a unique pearl texture design. Huawei P60 Pro shines through like a timeless ornament. And gives a distinct pattern each time when it comes in contact from different angles the light.

The rococo white has garnered more public attraction due to its mesmerizing look. However, Huawei kept on offering to provide the best user experience for the consumers. It has packed the phone with other important features including 6.67 inches of Quad curve LTPO screen, which saves more power.

It has the most powerful camera system equipped with variable aperture and an RYYB sensor for bright night images. Also, Huawei is shipping this mega smartphone with an 88W charger.


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