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Huawei P40 Lite EMUI 12 beta feature and changelog



Huawei P40 Lite EMUI 12 beta changelog

Last month, Huawei started to rollout the first EMUI 12 beta software for the Huawei P40 lite smartphone in the global market. However, the beta testing pool has been limited to some markets, and the rest of the users will have to wait until a stable build is released.

Huawei P40 Lite is a smartphone that will surely bring performance for consumers. Therefore, the phone will have a sufficient amount of productivity to explore in terms of both performance and software.

Huawei P40 Lite EMUI 12 beta changelog shows us various aspects of this smartphone that won’t let you disappoint in the features that will drive it for a good user experience. If you are a beta tester and haven’t downloaded this new EMUI version already, then we recommend you follow the EMUI 12 installation safety precaution guide (here)

Huawei P40 Lite EMUI 12 beta changelog


Huawei P40 Lite is receiving the latest EMUI 12 software update via the beta channel and you can explore the full changelog linked below.

Neuromorphic Design: Applies the concept of neumorphism to Ul elements by using simple color tones, shadows, and highlights to create a more realistic effect.

Font: Supports more flexible font adjustment, allowing you to adjust the size and weight with a slider

Smart Folders: Supports touching and holding app folders on the home screen to enlarge them for easier access to the apps within them.

Notification Panel: This allows you to swipe down from the top left side of the screen to access the Notification Panel to view notifications,

Control Panel: From the top right side to access the Control Panel to use shortcuts. Adds an audio control section to Control Panel, making it easier to switch between different audio devices and audio apps

Huawei Share: Improves the transmission speed of Huawei Share for faster file sharing between Huawei phones, tablets, and laptops.

MeeTime: MeeTime allows you to make HD voice and video calls over the data network and you can share the screen during the video call to chat.

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