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Week 1: Downloaded EMUI 12 on your Huawei phone?



downloaded EMUI 12

EMUI 12 comes with a bunch of new features that are ready to enhance and enrich your user experience with simplicity and interactive feeling. However, the reach of this new EMUI software is currently limited to the flagship devices such as Huawei P40, Mate 40 Pro and Mate 30 Pro devices in the global market.

The latest EMUI 12 version has already been downloaded by the corresponding Huawei phone users and more users are waiting for their turn to download this new EMUI software build.

So, why every Huawei eligible device owner is waiting to get this new software? Because EMUI 12 comes with a new user interface that looks similar to HarmonyOS operating system and feels niech. If you want to the get the latest Huawei software experience, the EMUI 12 is a must go to choice.

There’s more, the EMUI 12 has better font that increase visibility and helps you to better identity the on screen content. If you want to move on the features side, then there are two big changes that you may want to see on your phone once the EMUI 12 is downloaded your smartphone.

installed EMUI 12

The first one is Control Panel and the other one is Notification center. Furthermore, don’t forget to check over the large folders section that removes hassle of managing on screen apps and improves ease of access.

Aside of the top lineup, Huawei is also testing EMUI 12 on Huawei P30, Mate 20 series, and Nova 5T. The list of beta devices also consist of Huawei P40 Lite, P40 Lite 5G, and Nova 7 series. Following a successful rollout, Huawei will send these smartphone a stable update to fix the final changes.

Do you have it?

So, the question is, Have you downloaded EMUI 12 on your Huawei smartphone? Let us know your thoughts via the poll linked below.

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