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Huawei P30 series models having issue in recognizing SIM card



Huawei P30 SIM card issue

Huawei P30 series was an old flagship series but it is still performing very well in users’ hands across the globe. Recently, some of the Huawei P30 smartphone users have reported the SIM card issue, which is very annoying.

After reading several user problems, we have found the actual issue is that Huawei P30 series smartphones are not recognizing the SIM card inserted in the second card slot. A lot of Huawei P30 users are currently facing this issue, which forces them to buy new smartphones.

Nowadays, everyone is using at least two SIM cards and both are essential. Therefore, this issue is very irritating for the users. To be mentioned, the first slot is working properly without any problem.

Huawei P30 SIM card issue

In the meantime, various users have removed and reinstalled the SIM card in the second slot. The card was displayed for a minute and then again disappeared. Following a bunch of threads, the moderator wrote some tips on the forum that may solve this issue.

Moderator said there may be various reasons behind this issue. You can try to reboot the phone and reinsert the SIM card. Also, the check the condition of the card maybe it got damaged. Cross the check the slot with different cards.

If the problem is still not resolved, then we recommend you visit the nearby Huawei service center. Before going to the center, please make back up of your important data including social apps to prevent data loss in any situation.

We hope that our information will be helpful for you. If you are also going through the same issue, these tips may be useful for you. Also, you can leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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