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Huawei P30 series users facing screen brightness issue



Huawei P30 screen brightness

Huawei P30 series smartphone users running on the HarmonyOS software system have started facing screen brightness issue. According to information, some of the P30 device owners mentioned that issue occurred after updating to the latest HarmonyOS version.

This problem is reported and verified by several Huawei P30 smartphone users on the Huawei forum. Among them, a Huawei P30 user explain the issue that when he opened the screen brightness settings, the auto-screen brightness toggle button is missing.

The automatic screen brightness features maintain brightness on the device according to the ambiance. As it dims and brightens the screen light on its own while using your Huawei phone.

This is a useful feature of the smartphone and also friendly for the user’s eyes. But, as reported by Huawei P30 users, the automatic screen brightness enable option is now disappeared. It is really disappointing for corresponding device users.

Huawei P30 screen brightness


After reading the issue, a moderator suggested some solutions to get rid of this issue. He recommends Huawei P30 device users install the latest HarmonyOS version. If you are already running on the latest version then please restart and check again.

If your problem is still not solved then it is recommended to go to the official service store for testing, and the specific service store shall prevail. Also, don’t forget to carry the three-guarantee certificate and valid purchase certificate.

Before visiting the store, please take a backup of your important data and social app data such as WeChat QQ and other applications to prevent data loss.

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