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Huawei, Midea Group, and China Unicom partners to respond 5G application requirements



Huawei, Midea Group, China Unicom 5G application collaboration

Huawei, Midea Group, and China Unicom have joined hands to actively respond to 5G application requirements and officially released the  5G + fully connected smart manufacturing demonstration factory in Guangdong. This is the first time in the global smart factory business to introduce a 5G integrated positioning solution.

These firms are working under the 5G application “Sailing” action plan, proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology along with ten other departments. The project teams work on various elements at Midea’s Shunde factory to incorporate the 5G and industrial internet smart manufacturing. It includes the following:

  • Smart Warehousing
  • Smart Vehicle Management
  • AI Smart Monitoring

Results of 5G intelligent:

After the complete positioning, the 5G intelligent manufacturing shows the most visible outcomes. The hybrid 5G network meets the requirements of high-speed performance in the manufacturing segment. Whereas the AI technology observes the robot activity and guided them to work and produce the marked results.

Furthermore, the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) trolley arranged zero error shipments. Besides, the warehouse management mechanics carries the AR devices for remote inspection and factory surveillance. The 5G manufacturing not only improves the working efficiency but reduced the damage possibility also.

Huawei, Midea Group, China Unicom 5G application collaboration

The implementation of 5G applications in the manufacturing industry will not only be giving a changed visual interface to the workshop but bringing effortless benefits once installed.

Furthermore, the manufacturing centers of Midea can be found all around the Mainland, and with 5G C to B, one cloud technology of China Unicom it became easier to achieve an innovative full network replication.

Besides, Huawei is willing to deepen this collaboration so that the industry can be benefited from Huawei 5G solutions. Liu Kang, the Cloud Core Network Product Line President in Huawei believes that 5G can help to promote smart manufacturing.

Huawei will continue to deepen cooperation with industry customers, operators, partners, etc., to carry out research and deployment of the combination of 5G technology and industrial applications

Also, use the 5G to drive smart manufacturing upgrades to help industrial manufacturing, and Intelligent transformation, to promote 5G applications to set sail.

– said Huawei President

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