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Huawei and Beijing Unicom launched the 5G super uplink commercial network




Huawei and Beijing Unicom cooperatively launched the first 5G super uplink commercial network with a thousand-station-level 5G uplink connectivity.

This collaboration covers about 1,000 plus sites with the 5G commercial network. These two firms are working more and more to building a ubiquitous and easy-to-use 5G network web and bring the 5 G-based digital commercialization.

Previous Works:

Beijing Unicom was the first organization to achieve the commercial network confirmation of 5G super uplink technology in 2020. Furthermore, it has concluded the small-scale adjoining commercial by May 2020.

Earlier this month, the Beijing Unicom stationed 5G super uplinks on a large scale and rapidly in multiple hotspots within 5 days, so that more users can enjoy the super link network technology. The hotspots area mainly includes the following:

  • Financial Street at Shuangjing
  • China World Trade Center
  • Tongzhou Sub-center

Need of Uplink Technology in this project:

This is one of the most innovative technologies jointly derived and positioned by Huawei and Beijing Unicom. It provides complete support for the high-quality development of 5G network.

Technology Used:

The two spectrum Frequency Division Duplex (FDD), and Time Division Duplex (TDD) were used in this project. This dual spectrum technology delivers high and low-frequency complementation, time domain, and frequency domain aggregation, and millisecond resource scheduling.

The 2.1 GHz FDD and 3.5 GHz TDD bring improvement in the network transmissions and boost the network capabilities. The benefits can be seen in the following-

  • Enhanced network uplink capabilities
  • Satisfied short video uploads
  • High-definition live broadcasts
  • Business satisfaction in high-quality uplink networks

Huawei SingleRAN Product Department President- Ma Hongo stated that the combined benefits of TDD and FDD technology will be the next trend in network development across the world. It’s jointly taking a position as the core technology in the development of the 5G super uplink commercial network.

He further stated that it’s a pleasure for Huawei to work with Beijing Unicom to initiate a thousand-station super uplink. Huawei will keep contributing to the promotion and development of the 5G super uplink commercial network.

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