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Huawei won the Top Ten Excellent Solutions Award for 5G Industry Applications




On 15th July, Huawei won the Top Ten Excellent Solutions Award for 5G Industry Applications with China Mobile and China Southern. The All Media World Communication summoned the top tech firms to provide the 5G vertical application solutions to promote the 5G innovation across numerous industries.

Huawei jointly with the partner firms presents the most advanced technology concept to speed up 5G industrial digitalization. The firms impersonate a 5G Power Grid virtual private network solutions to overcome the current challenges. This solution won one of the top ten excellent solution awards.

Current Challenges: Consistently Stable Network

It’s important for a power grid to provide an all-time power supply in a steady manner to avenues social and commercial development.

However, it has some challenges to overcome such as intelligent transformation, higher requirements for ubiquitous, flexible supply, economical, safety measurements, and reliable power communication networks, etc.

As 5G provides the facility like ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and ultra-large connections that can meet all the standards to overcome the challenges. It strengthens the power communication network and the power informatization level is also improved.

Huawei, China Mobile, and China Southern Power Grid:

The Huawei, China Mobile, and China Southern Power Grid adopt a stand-alone 5G network architecture with the benefits of network slicing, edge computing, 5G power virtual private network solution, etc.

The firms designed the safe partitioning area concerning the foremost aspects that include:

  • Sixteen-character business-specific policy
  • Horizontal isolation
  • Vertical authentication
  • Private-public network
  • Industry customization
  • Open capabilities
  • Decentralization
  • Domain division

On the other hand, the wide-area industry virtual private network uses 5G network technology to join & divide, and handles the issues related to an intelligent distribution network, smart inspection, virtual network establishment, power generation, and so on.


This project brings a major breakthrough in all scenarios in this field, it covers all requirements, application explanations, major technologies, foremost design architecture, meeting international standards.

The Shenzhen Bay Area utilizes the first-ever full-service demonstration for power transmission, distribution, and power consumption grid. Meanwhile, the largest 5G smart grid application demonstration area is built in Nansha District, Guangzhou, China.

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