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Huawei masters smart car solutions, doesn’t need to build EVs: Former Meizu executive



Huawei smart car solutions Meizu executive

The former Meizu executive – Li Nan recently shared a post related to vehicles in China on his Weibo account and cited that Huawei already masters the smart car solutions field. Hence there is no need for the company to produce its own EVs.

Huawei always served as a smart car solution supplier. The firm has provided many automakers with innovative vehicle solutions. To clarify, the previous Meizu executive explained why Huawei should remain on solutions rather than smart car making.

Li Nan pointed out that since Xiaomi entered the smart car world, many Huawei fans were disappointed as they expected to see the company in this race for a long while.

He mentioned that earlier consumers needed to rely on MediaTek or Qualcomm for smartphone chipsets. Although Huawei has overcome this problem by re-introducing the Kirin chip on the surface with the top-end Mate 60 Pro smartphone.

Huawei smart car solutions Meizu executive

Huawei masters smart car solutions (Image Credits: Li Nan/Weibo)

Smart Car Solutions:

The former Meizu executive added that Huawei serves some of the best cars and machine solutions, which cannot be termed ‘bad’ at all. Since the Chinese OEM already holds the car machinery work, it doesn’t need and should not become an EV brand.

Li further quotes that Huawei should continue to focus on its handset branding and respective sales profit. This way, it would be soon able to achieve those milestones that have not made possible by many of the top brands in China for 2 decades.

“Therefore, Huawei should not be a tram brand because it holds the car machine plan. In this way, its height will be higher, and it will truly accomplish what countless brands and business elites have not done in the two decades of mobile phones in China.”

Huawei’s current focus seems to be new smartphones and the 5nm Kirin chip that is hearsay to be in the development phase. Perhaps these new products are likely to make their way onto the stage later this year.

Huawei smart car solutions Meizu executive

Huawei masters smart car solutions (Image Credits: Huawei)

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