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Huawei Malaysia community page will launch on June 17, gather and share



Hello, Huawei Malaysia Consumers! Here is good news for you all, Huawei is going to launch a new community page on June 17. Huawei Community is the official page, where fans come together and can meet other Huawei consumers from all over Malaysia.

Huawei fans can share experiences, spread unique ideas, and connect to each other in various ways. Also, there were excellent user moderators, ready to help community members anytime.

Additionally, the community will also help you to participate in the latest contests, consumer-related activities, software details, beta recruitment, as well as launch events.

At present, the Huawei community has 5 sections on the main menus: General, Products, Software, Support, and Gallery.


In this section, there four categories Announcements (for important news and notices), Photography (for photo sharing and skill exchanging), Events (for all online and offline activities), and Discussions (all other subjects that you want to share or discuss with other members).


This section is divided on the basis of product segments and contains topics related to them. The sections are Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Wearables, Smart Homes, and Accessories.


The software section brings all the information that you want to know and learn about like EMUI, and HarmonyOS. It also has 4 categories Update & Beta (for firmware update and beta news), Tips & Tricks (for sharing and learning using skills), Apps & Themes (for app and theme review), and Bugs & Suggestions (for reporting the bug and giving suggestions).


It permits the users to voice out their concerns, questions, and suggestions about your Huawei device. Our service team will reply to your queries and threads.


The Gallery section allows you to share exciting photos and videos taken with your Huawei devices.

At last, Huawei again, welcome the Huawei Malaysia consumers to join the new community page, which is going to debut on June 17. If you have any questions, our admins or moderators will always be ready to help you. Have fun!