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Huawei-Luxshare develops new patent for automotive high-speed connectors



Huawei patent automotive connectors

Huawei keeps on polishing its skills to develop better solutions in every field. Whether it’s a smartphone or automobile, the company has given some of the best mechanisms to date. Currently, Huawei and Luxshare have jointly developed a new patent for automotive high-speed connectors.

Luxshare Precision is cooperation that usually deals with electronic connectors. Alongside, it also provides cable assemblies, test fixtures, antennas, power cords, precision metal elements, plastic components, and other electrical parts to the industries.

According to the latest information, Both Huawei and Luxshare Precision have applied for a patent, entitled “an automotive high-speed connectors assembly” At present, the respective application has been authorized.

As the title reflects, the patent belongs to the connectors technology. Generally, connectors are adjoining parts, used for electrically connecting or disconnecting the circuits. Further, it works on linking the electrical components to the vehicle.

To make these connectors a little better for smart automobiles, Huawei and Luxshare are putting efforts and developing an advanced mechanism. Let’s explore how these high-speed connectors will work.

Huawei patent automotive connectors

Automotive high-speed connector: Patents

In this case, the automotive connector assembly comprises two connectors. The first connector holds several terminals and a single insulator in its panel. Meanwhile, the second connector also includes a bunch of terminals and one insulator.

Both connectors and their terminals are so arranged that they can mutually match each other’s functionalities. With a constant connection, this technology will improve internal stability and will enhance performance at a high-speed level.

It’s worth mentioning that in recent times, the Chinese manufacturer has provided several patents. For instance, the patent for verification function improvement, SMS sending patent, car patent for efficient payment methods, and more.

As of now, the company is dealing with the application of the Automotive connector. Let’s see what new technologies will the company offer in the time ahead.


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